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Puerto Galera is now declared the "Diving Capital of the Philippines," showcasing its appeal to divers. This official recognition underscores the destination's allure for those seeking exceptional underwater adventures.


Puerto Galera Earns Prestigious Title as "Diving Capital of the Philippines"

The Philippines, renowned for its numerous islands and diverse marine life, stands as a dreamland for scuba diving enthusiasts. Among the myriad of underwater treasures, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro has recently been named the “Diving Capital of the Philippines,” a designation granted in recognition of its extraordinary marine biodiversity.

This coveted title was conferred following the passage of a resolution by council members, underscoring the region’s remarkable underwater landscapes and diverse marine ecosystems. The official declaration took place during the “Puerto Galera Shore It Up-Scubasura Underwater Clean Up” program, where dedicated divers submerged themselves to clear underwater debris, safeguarding the area’s magnificent coral formations.

Mayor Rocky Ilagan emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “This activity is our priority in valuing tourism and nature to further attract visitors, whether local or international, to our newly designated Diving Capital of the Philippines.”

Puerto Galera, renowned for its numerous pocket beaches and boasting 62 registered scuba diving spots, garnered additional recognition when designated as a Man and the Biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1977. It not only ranks among the 32 world-class dive sites globally but also holds a distinguished position in the “Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World,” being the only bay in the Philippines to grace this list.

Beyond its accolades, Puerto Galera serves as a sanctuary for a diverse array of marine life, including thresher sharks, sea turtles, and an extensive variety of corals, as attested by the environmental conservation organization Seacology. The region continues to captivate divers and conservationists alike, solidifying its status as a premier destination for underwater exploration in the Philippines. As the newly crowned Diving Capital, Puerto Galera beckons both local and international visitors to experience the wonders of its underwater realm while maintaining a commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental conservation.