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Dive into the magic of Scubacations Dive Resort's first-ever trip to Verde Island—13 divers, 5 non-divers, and a day filled with breathtaking underwater encounters. Join us for an adventure beyond imagination.


Embarking on a Subaquatic Odyssey: Scubacations Dive Resort's Unforgettable Journey to Verde Island

Yesterday, Scubacations Dive Resort embarked on its inaugural expedition to Verde Island, kicking off a day filled with underwater enchantment. Underneath the radiant sun and amidst the gentle sway of the ocean, 13 passionate divers and 5 non-diving enthusiasts eagerly convened for a day filled with underwater exploration, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments.

Ensuring safety as our top priority, we set sail with an Emergency Medical Service professional, provided by ORMEMS, on board, providing peace of mind for our diverse group of adventurers. The anticipation was palpable as the boat sliced through the azure waters, heading towards the enchanting world that awaited beneath the surface.

Our underwater odyssey kicked off with two exhilarating dives at the renowned Drop-Off and South Slope dive sites. The ocean, offering impeccable visibility, unveiled a vibrant tapestry of marine life. From the graceful Tunas gliding through the water to the elusive Octopuses displaying their mesmerizing dance, and the serene Sea Turtles gracing us with their presence, each encounter was a testament to the rich biodiversity thriving beneath the waves.

Before descending into the depths, our boat journey featured a delectable pre-dive feast. Sandwiches, piping hot coffee, refreshing soft drinks, and comforting hot chocolate energized our spirits for the underwater wonders that awaited. As we approached Sawang Beach, we bid farewell to our non-diving companions, leaving them to enjoy the sun-kissed beauty of the shoreline.

Post-dive, we reconvened at the cottages at Sawang Beach for a delightful barbeque feast. The aroma of grilled chicken and fish wafted through the air, complemented by crisp salads, rice and a wide selection of fresh fruits.

Reflecting on our maiden voyage to Verde Island, we invite you to join Scubacations Dive Resort in celebrating the wonders beneath the waves. As we continue our adventures, the mysteries of the ocean await exploration, promising experiences beyond imagination. Scubacations Dive Resort is not just a destination; it’s a community of adventure seekers, and Verde Island has set the stage for countless more underwater escapades to come.