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Immerse yourself in the wonders of Scubacations Dive Resort's latest Verde Island expedition—a day filled with breathtaking underwater encounters, delightful pre-barbeque treats, and a sumptuous feast at Sawang Beach. Join us for an adventure beyond imagination.


A Spectacular Day Under the Waves: Scubacations Dive Resort's Latest Verde Island Expedition

In an aquatic escapade that unfolded just yesterday, Scubacations Dive Resort curated yet another unforgettable journey to the captivating Verde Island. With a group of 7 eager divers and 5 non-diving enthusiasts, the day promised a perfect blend of exploration, camaraderie, and underwater marvels.

Underneath the benevolent sun, our expedition began with 2 exhilarating dives at the renowned Drop-Off and South Slope dive sites. The ocean, offering impeccable visibility, revealed a vibrant kaleidoscope of marine life. From Batfish gracefully navigating the currents to multiple Scorpionfish displaying their camouflage mastery, and the elusive Octopus gracefully revealing itself, each encounter was a testament to the ocean’s diverse beauty.

Before the post-dive feasting commenced, our boat journey treated us to a delightful pre-barbeque indulgence. Sandwiches, steaming coffee, refreshing soft drinks, and comforting hot chocolate energized our spirits for the underwater wonders that awaited. The non-divers bid farewell at the cottage, leaving them to savor the sun-soaked beauty of Sawang Beach.

Post-barbeque, we ventured into the azure depths for a final dive at the Washing Machine site. Despite weaker currents than anticipated, the underwater realm unfolded with mesmerizing sights, featuring a delicate dance of marine life.

The day concluded with a sumptuous barbeque feast at the cottage, boasting grilled chicken and fish, crisp salads, rice, and a medley of fresh fruits. Laughter and shared stories resonated through the air, encapsulating the joy of a day well spent beneath the waves.

Reflecting on this Verde Island expedition, Scubacations Dive Resort invites you to join us for future adventures. As we continue to explore the mysteries of the ocean, each dive promises a unique and captivating experience that unfolds beneath the surface.