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Dive into a new era of safety with Scubacations Dive Resort. Our Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit, a constant presence at our dive shop, ensures enhanced security during underwater adventures. Explore with confidence on our Verde Island excursions and beyond.


Scubacations Dive Resort Introduces Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit for Enhanced Underwater Security

Scubacations Dive Resort is excited to announce a significant advancement in our ongoing commitment to diver safety. We proudly present our latest initiative: the addition of a Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit to our safety measures. This kit, comprising two tanks, will be a permanent fixture at our dive shop, ensuring immediate access to emergency oxygen for our divers.

Diving safety is our utmost priority, and the introduction of the Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit is a proactive step towards ensuring the well-being of our diving community. This life-saving kit will accompany us on all our Verde Island excursions (as well as on dives to more distant dive sites), providing an added layer of security during our underwater explorations.

The Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit plays a critical role in addressing potential decompression sickness or other diving-related emergencies.

In partnership with ORMEMS (Oriental Mindoro Emergency Medical Service), individuals interested in obtaining their own Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit can contact them directly. This collaboration allows us to extend the benefits of enhanced dive safety beyond our operations, fostering a culture of preparedness within the diving community.

As we continue to explore the ocean’s wonders, Scubacations Dive Resort reaffirms its commitment to providing a secure and worry-free environment for divers. Join us in prioritizing safety and embracing the joy of underwater exploration with confidence.

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