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Dive safely with Scubacations Dive Resort. Our top priority is your safety. From comprehensive briefings to well-equipped facilities we ensure every dive is secure and enjoyable.

Safety First

Ensuring Your Safety Above All Else

At Scubacations Dive Resort, the safety of our divers is our top priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that every dive is conducted with the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Diving can present certain hazards, and we take proactive measures to minimize these risks and ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience for all.

Hazards of Diving

Recognizing and Mitigating Risks

Diving comes with inherent risks, including decompression sickness, barotrauma, and equipment failure. Our experienced dive professionals are trained to recognize and mitigate these risks, ensuring that your dive is as safe as possible. We conduct thorough dive briefings before every dive, highlighting potential hazards and safety procedures. Our goal is to empower divers with the knowledge and skills to dive safely and confidently.

Our Safety Values

Guiding Principles for Safe Diving

Adhering to PADI Standards

We adhere to and often exceed PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) standards for safety and professionalism. Our dive professionals undergo regular training and certification to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest safety protocols and techniques. We believe that by adhering to these standards, we can provide our divers with the highest level of safety and professionalism.

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Discover Scuba Diving Safely

If you're new to diving or not yet certified, our Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) program allows you to experience the underwater world under the guidance of a professional instructor. Safety is paramount, and our instructors will ensure that you are fully briefed and equipped for a safe and enjoyable dive. We provide all the necessary equipment and guidance to make your first diving experience memorable and safe. However, we highly recommend never diving without certification, except under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor as part of a structured program like DSD. Diving without proper certification can be dangerous and should be avoided to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

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Diving Conservatively

We believe in diving conservatively, adhering to safe diving practices and guidelines to minimize risks and ensure a safe diving experience for everyone. We always plan our dives conservatively, taking into account factors such as depth, currents, and weather conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Our experienced dive guides are trained to assess the conditions and make informed decisions to ensure the safety of our divers.

Staying Within Divers' Limitations

We emphasize the importance of staying within divers' limitations and not exceeding their training or comfort levels to avoid potential accidents. Our experienced dive guides are trained to assess divers' skills and comfort levels and adjust the dive plan accordingly to ensure everyone's safety. We believe that by staying within our limits, we can enjoy the wonders of the underwater world while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Prioritizing Safety Over Diving

We prioritize safety over diving, meaning we would rather skip a dive site if it's too challenging or if any divers' skills don't meet the requirements, ensuring a safe experience for all. We believe that safety should always come first, and we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable diving experience for all our guests. Our experienced dive guides are trained to assess the conditions and make informed decisions to ensure the safety of our divers.

Empathy and Flexibility

We are empathetic towards our divers and understand that individual comfort levels may vary. If someone doesn't feel like doing a specific dive, we can always adjust the plan to ensure their safety and comfort. We believe that empathy and flexibility are key to ensuring a positive diving experience for everyone. By listening to our divers' concerns and being flexible in our approach, we can ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable during their dives.

Our Safety Measures

Ensuring Your Safety Through Proactive Measures

Portable Oxygen Kit

We have a portable oxygen kit on-site at all times, ready to provide immediate assistance in case of decompression sickness or other diving-related emergencies. Our staff is trained in administering oxygen and responding to diving emergencies, ensuring that you are in safe hands. Additionally, we conduct regular checks and maintenance of our equipment to ensure its reliability and effectiveness.

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Always Stocked First Aid Kit

Our first aid kit is always stocked and up-to-date, containing essential supplies to address minor injuries and emergencies that may occur during diving activities. We also conduct regular checks and maintenance of our first aid kit to ensure its effectiveness. Our staff is trained in first aid and CPR, ensuring that they can provide immediate assistance in the event of an emergency.

Cooperation with Local Emergency Medical Service

In case of a serious diving emergency, we cooperate closely with the local Emergency Medical Service (ORMEMS) to ensure that you receive the necessary medical attention promptly. Our staff is trained to coordinate with ORMEMS and assist in any way possible to ensure your safety and well-being. We have established protocols in place to ensure a seamless response in the event of an emergency, minimizing the risk of complications and ensuring your safety.

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Dive Safely, Dive Together

Join Us in Ensuring Safety

We invite you to join us in prioritizing safety while diving. By following safe diving practices and guidelines, we can all contribute to a safer diving environment for everyone. Together, we can make diving safer and more enjoyable for all. Join us in our commitment to safety and help us create a culture of safety in the diving community.

Dive With Us