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Explore the submerged allure of Puerto Galera at Alma Jane, where a sunken cargo ship unveils a mesmerizing underwater realm adorned with vibrant corals and bustling marine life.

Deep, Wreck

Alma Jane


30 m


31 min

Dive Time

0.3 km

From Shop

3 min


Alma Jane, a captivating dive site nestled in the depths of Sabang Bay in Puerto Galera, invites divers to explore the intriguing remains of a sunken cargo ship. Resting gracefully on the ocean floor, the Alma Jane wreck offers a unique underwater adventure. The steel-hulled vessel, now transformed into an artificial reef, has become a haven for marine life and a canvas for vibrant corals.

Alma Jane, a sunken treasure resting in the depths of Sabang Bay in Puerto Galera, is not just a dive site; it’s an underwater saga of history and biodiversity. The star of the show is the Alma Jane wreck, a steel-hulled cargo ship now transformed into an artificial reef, standing as a testament to the captivating marriage of human ingenuity and nature’s resilience.

Divers entering the realm of Alma Jane are greeted by the skeletal remains of the ship, adorned with corals and encrusted with marine life. Navigating through the intricate passages and chambers, divers embark on a journey through time and witness the gradual metamorphosis of a once-utilitarian vessel into a vibrant and bustling marine habitat.

The wreck’s nooks and crannies provide shelter for a diverse array of marine life. Schools of fish, including snappers and batfish, swirl around the structure, creating a dynamic underwater tableau. The vibrant corals that have taken residence on the Alma Jane contribute to the visual spectacle, turning this artificial reef into a living canvas beneath the waves.

Beyond its role as a captivating dive site, Alma Jane serves as a living archive of maritime history. Divers can imagine the bygone era as they explore the remains of this ship, each section telling a story of its own. The synergy between the artificial structure and the natural marine environment exemplifies the resilience of ecosystems in adapting to and thriving on human-made foundations.

Alma Jane invites divers of all levels to not only witness the union of history and nature but to actively participate in the ongoing narrative of this underwater sanctuary. Whether you’re an avid wreck enthusiast, a history buff, or simply someone seeking a vibrant dive experience, Alma Jane in Puerto Galera promises an unforgettable underwater odyssey.

The marine life around Alma Jane is diverse, attracting schools of fish that gracefully weave through the submerged corridors. Snappers, batfish, and other tropical species have made this artificial reef their home, adding to the allure of this underwater playground.

Alma Jane’s significance goes beyond its role as a captivating dive site; it serves as a living testament to the symbiosis between marine ecosystems and human-made structures. This underwater treasure in Puerto Galera not only provides divers with a thrilling experience but also contributes to the ongoing vitality of the region’s marine biodiversity.


13.52255, 120.9736

Entry Type

Buoy Line, Negative Descent

Exit Type

Bluewater Ascend, Buoy Line

Aquatic Life

Batfish, Frogfish, Lionfish, Nudibranches, Scorpionfish, Sweetlips, Yellowtail Snappers

Points of Interest

Wreck of Alma Jane (freighter), Coral Growth on the Wreck, Marine Life around the Wreck

Possible Hazards

Sharp edges, Strong currents, No decompression limit

Recommended Equipment

Boots, Dive Computer, DSMB, Gloves, Torch, Wetsuit

Required Certifications

Advanced Open Water Diver

Recommended Certifications

Deep Diver, Wreck Diver


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