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Dive into the extended enchantment of Coral Gardens 2, where vibrant corals and diverse marine life create an extraordinary underwater spectacle in Puerto Galera's thriving sanctuary.

Deep, Macro, Reef

Coral Garden 2


22 m


45 min

Dive Time

3.8 km

From Shop

19 min


Coral Gardens 2, an enchanting extension of Puerto Galera’s renowned underwater wonders, unfolds beneath the azure waves as a vibrant tapestry of marine life and coral formations. As divers descend into the crystal-clear depths, they are greeted by an extraordinary seascape featuring towering coral pillars, intricate gardens, and an explosion of colors. The thriving ecosystem is a testament to the resilience of coral habitats, with each coral formation housing a diverse array of marine species.

Schools of brilliantly colored fish gracefully navigate through the coral labyrinth, creating a mesmerizing underwater ballet. Majestic sea turtles, gracefully gliding through the water, add a touch of awe to the scene. The coral crevices reveal the elusive blue-ringed octopus and other captivating creatures, offering divers a front-row seat to the intricate and interconnected world beneath the surface.

Coral Gardens 2’s gradual slopes and gentle currents make it an accessible dive site for divers of all skill levels. Beginners can marvel at the beauty of the shallower depths, while seasoned divers can explore the deeper recesses, uncovering hidden gems and witnessing the intricate dance of marine life. The site also stands as a testament to the positive impact of conservation efforts, showcasing the health and vibrancy that can be achieved through responsible tourism and environmental stewardship.

In this underwater haven, where time seems to slow, Coral Gardens 2 beckons divers to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of a thriving marine ecosystem. It’s not merely a dive site; it’s a sanctuary of biodiversity, a celebration of the ocean’s wonders, and an opportunity to connect with the underwater world in a profound and unforgettable way.


13.52046, 120.95503

Entry Type

Normal Descent

Exit Type

Bluewater Ascend

Aquatic Life

Barrel Sponges, Humphead Parrotfish, Nudibranches, Soft Corals, Sweetlips, Yellowtail Snappers

Points of Interest

Sloping reef area

Possible Hazards

Boat Traffic

Recommended Equipment

Boots, Dive Computer, DSMB, Wetsuit

Required Certifications

Open Water Diver

Recommended Certifications

Advanced Open Water Diver

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