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Explore the depths of history at the Japanese Wreck near Puerto Galera, where a sunken World War II vessel serves as an underwater museum, offering divers a poignant glimpse into the past amidst a vibrant marine sanctuary.

Deep, Wreck

Japanese Wreck


45 m


25 min

Dive Time

2.5 km

From Shop

20 min


Beneath the azure waters near Puerto Galera lies a poignant piece of maritime history – the Japanese Wreck. Submerged in time, this sunken vessel stands as a silent witness to the events of the past. Resting on the ocean floor, the wreckage serves as an underwater museum, offering divers a unique opportunity to explore a World War II relic while surrounded by the thriving marine life that has made it their home.

The Japanese Wreck, encrusted with corals and draped in marine fauna, creates an otherworldly ambiance. Schools of fish weave through the skeletal structure, providing a surreal juxtaposition of life and decay. Divers can navigate through the remnants of the ship, exploring its bow, stern, and cargo holds. The vessel’s eerie beauty is heightened by the play of sunlight filtering through the water, casting an ethereal glow on the underwater tableau.

As divers delve into the depths surrounding the Japanese Wreck, encounters with barracudas, snappers, and vibrant reef fish are common. The nooks and crannies of the wreckage provide shelter for marine creatures, from camouflaged scorpionfish to elusive moray eels. This dive site is not only a journey into history but also an immersion into a thriving underwater ecosystem that has reclaimed the remnants of human conflict.

The Japanese Wreck, situated at a manageable depth, welcomes divers of various skill levels. It is a poignant reminder of the resilience of nature and the capacity of underwater environments to transform artifacts of the past into vibrant havens for marine life. Diving at the Japanese Wreck offers a unique blend of historical exploration and marine biodiversity, creating a truly unforgettable experience for those seeking both adventure and reflection beneath the waves.


13.51925, 120.99193

Entry Type

Normal Descent

Exit Type

Bluewater Ascend

Aquatic Life

Barracudas, Scorpionfish, Sea Turtles, Snappers, Thresher Sharks

Points of Interest

Propeller of a WWII Shipwreck

Possible Hazards

No Decompression Limit

Recommended Equipment

Boots, Dive Computer, DSMB, Torch, Wetsuit

Required Certifications

Advanced Open Water Diver

Recommended Certifications

Deep Diver

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