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Dive into the captivating embrace of Sabang Point in Puerto Galera, where vibrant coral gardens, diverse marine life, and adventurous underwater topography converge to create an enchanting underwater sanctuary for divers of all levels.

Deep, Drift

Sabang Point


28 m


45 min

Dive Time

0.4 km

From Shop

3 min


Sabang Point, a mesmerizing dive site situated in the heart of Puerto Galera offers divers an enchanting underwater experience with its diverse marine life, vibrant coral gardens, and captivating underwater topography. Nestled along the coastline of Sabang, this site is a gateway to the underwater wonders of the region.

As divers descend into the azure waters of Sabang Point, they are welcomed by a stunning seascape characterized by healthy coral formations and a kaleidoscope of marine life. The site’s topography features gently sloping reefs and coral-covered plateaus, creating an ideal environment for both novice and experienced divers to explore.

The coral gardens at Sabang Point are a visual feast, boasting a variety of soft and hard corals that provide shelter for a myriad of marine species. Colorful reef fish, including butterflyfish and damselfish, dance among the corals, creating a vibrant and lively underwater panorama. Nudibranchs, sea cucumbers, and other fascinating macro life can be found nestled within the coral formations, offering a treasure trove for macro photography enthusiasts.

Sabang Point’s strategic location also makes it a hotspot for larger marine species. Divers may encounter schools of snappers, fusiliers, and barracudas patrolling the open waters. The occasional appearance of reef sharks adds an element of excitement to the dive, making Sabang Point a destination that caters to a variety of interests.

The underwater terrain of Sabang Point includes captivating swim-throughs, crevices, and coral bommies, providing an adventurous dimension to the dive. The site’s accessibility and the wealth of marine life make it an ideal location for underwater exploration, underwater photography, and simply reveling in the natural beauty of the ocean.

In essence, Sabang Point invites divers into a realm where the beauty of coral gardens, the diversity of marine life, and the allure of underwater exploration converge to create an unforgettable diving experience in the azure waters of Puerto Galera.


13.5228, 120.97853

Entry Type

Normal Descent

Exit Type

Normal Ascend, Bluewater Ascend

Aquatic Life

Brain Corals, Fan Corals, Frogfish, Moray Eels, Nudibranches, Porcelain Crabs, Scorpionfish, Sea Turtles, Shrimp, Soft Corals, Staghorn Corals, Table Corals

Points of Interest

Gradual Slope with full of beautiful soft and hard corals

Possible Hazards

Current pulling towards deeper area, Boat traffic

Recommended Equipment

Boots, Dive Computer, DSMB, Torch, Wetsuit

Required Certifications

Open Water Diver

Recommended Certifications

Advanced Open Water Diver

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