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Dive into the submerged history of Sabang Wrecks in Puerto Galera, where sunken vessels have transformed into captivating artificial reefs, inviting divers to explore a mesmerizing underwater museum and witness the fusion of maritime heritage with vibrant marine life.


18 m


45 min

Dive Time

0.1 km

From Shop

1 min


Sabang Wrecks, a captivating dive site situated off the shores of Sabang in Puerto Galera offers divers a thrilling underwater adventure amidst a collection of sunken vessels that have become an integral part of the marine ecosystem. This unique site is a testament to the area’s maritime history and a haven for marine life seeking refuge in the sunken structures.

As divers descend into the azure depths of Sabang Wrecks, they are greeted by the ghostly silhouettes of sunken vessels resting on the ocean floor. These wrecks, ranging from smaller boats to larger ships, have undergone a fascinating transformation, becoming artificial reefs adorned with vibrant corals, sponges, and a myriad of marine life.

The sunken structures at Sabang Wrecks create a maze of exploration for divers, with each wreck offering a unique underwater landscape. The open spaces and crevices of the wrecks provide shelter for a diverse community of marine species. Schools of fish, including snappers and fusiliers, navigate through the submerged corridors, creating a dynamic and lively ambiance.

The wrecks at Sabang not only serve as a playground for marine life but also tell a story of the area’s maritime heritage. The strategic placement of the wrecks has transformed them into a captivating underwater museum, where divers can imagine the vessels’ former glory and witness the fusion of history with the vibrant marine ecosystem.

Sabang Wrecks cater to divers of varying experience levels, offering both shallow and deeper wrecks to explore. The site’s accessibility and the abundance of marine life make it a popular destination for underwater photographers, wreck enthusiasts, and those seeking an immersive dive experience.

In essence, Sabang Wrecks beckon divers into a world where sunken history converges with the vitality of marine life. It’s an underwater sanctuary where the remnants of human activity become a thriving ecosystem, creating an unforgettable and enriching dive experience in the waters of Puerto Galera.

This Dive Site is Cared for by Scubacations Dive Resort Through the PADI AWARE Foundation's 'Adopt the Blue' Program

Welcome to Sabang Wrecks, a stunning underwater paradise that we at Scubacations Dive Resort are proud to help protect through our participation in the PADI AWARE Foundation's 'Adopt the Blue' program. By adopting this dive site, we are committed to its conservation and preservation, ensuring that it remains healthy and vibrant for years to come. Join us in our efforts to protect marine life and promote sustainable diving practices. Together, we can make a difference in preserving the beauty of our oceans.


13.52115, 120.97498

Entry Type

Normal Descent, Shore Entry

Exit Type

Normal Ascend, Shore Exit

Aquatic Life

Barrel Sponges, Batfish, Boxer Shrimps, Cardinal Fish, Frogfish, Lionfish, Moray Eels, Nudibranches, Parrotfish, Scorpionfish, Soft Corals, Stonefish

Points of Interest

Three separate small wrecks

Possible Hazards

Boat traffic, Sharp edges

Recommended Equipment

Boots, Dive Computer, DSMB, Gloves, Torch, Wetsuit

Required Certifications

Open Water Diver

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