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Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Turtle Rock, Puerto Galera's underwater haven, where vibrant coral gardens and the graceful presence of sea turtles create a captivating sanctuary for divers and snorkelers alike.

Deep, Reef

Turtle Rock


45 m


30 min

Dive Time

2.3 km

From Shop

17 min


In the enchanting underwater realm of Puerto Galera, Turtle Rock emerges as a captivating sanctuary where nature’s wonders and marine life converge. This iconic dive site derives its name from the resident sea turtles that gracefully navigate the surrounding coral formations, creating a tranquil and mesmerizing environment for divers.

As you descend into the depths surrounding Turtle Rock, the underwater landscape unfolds into a stunning tableau of coral gardens and rocky outcrops. Massive coral boulders create a labyrinth of swim-throughs and tunnels, offering divers an immersive and adventurous experience. The site’s unique topography is adorned with vibrant soft and hard corals, providing a kaleidoscopic backdrop for encounters with an array of marine species.

Turtle Rock is renowned for its resident green sea turtles, which often glide gracefully through the water or find refuge among the coral formations. These gentle giants add a touch of magic to the dive, offering a rare and unforgettable opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. The presence of turtles, combined with the diverse marine life, makes Turtle Rock a haven for underwater photographers seeking to capture the essence of Puerto Galera’s marine biodiversity.

The currents around Turtle Rock are generally mild, making it an accessible dive site for divers of various experience levels. Snorkelers can also delight in the beauty of the site, as the turquoise waters provide a clear view of the underwater wonders just beneath the surface.

Diving at Turtle Rock is not just an exploration; it’s a serene journey into the heart of Puerto Galera’s marine sanctuary, where the graceful presence of sea turtles adds a touch of enchantment to the vibrant underwater landscape.


13.52165, 120.99341

Entry Type

Normal Descent

Exit Type

Normal Ascend, Bluewater Ascend

Aquatic Life

Anglerfish, Banded Sea Kraits, Barracudas, Barrel Sponges, Fan Corals, Jackfish, Nudibranches, Moray Eels, Sea Turtles, Scorpionfish, Stonefish, Sweetlips, Thresher Sharks

Points of Interest

Huge Rock resembling a Turtle

Possible Hazards

Boat Traffic, No Decompression Limits

Recommended Equipment

Boots, Dive Computer, DSMB, Wetsuit

Required Certifications

Advanced Open Water Diver

Recommended Certifications

Deep Diver

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