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Explore Local Dive Sites: Discover Puerto Galera's Underwater Wonders. From vibrant coral reefs to fascinating marine life - our FAQ page provides insights into the best dive spots near Scubacations Dive Resort.

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Explore the Best Dive Spots In Puerto Galera

Yes, absolutely! Puerto Galera offers a plethora of dive sites, most of which are suitable for Open Water Divers. If you're looking to expand your diving skills and explore more challenging dive sites, we also offer the PADI Advanced Open Water course at Scubacations Dive Resort.

Yes, there are some more challenging or deeper dive sites in Puerto Galera that require you to be an Advanced Open Water Diver. If you're interested in exploring these sites, consider taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course with us to enhance your diving skills and experience.

Some of the most popular dive sites in Puerto Galera include The Canyons, Sabang Wrecks, Boulders and Alma Jane. These sites offer a variety of marine life and underwater landscapes, making them favorites among divers.

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Yes, Puerto Galera is known for its diverse marine life and underwater attractions. Some of the must-see attractions include the numerous coral reefs teeming with colorful fish, as well as several wrecks, such as the Alma Jane wreck and the Sabang Wrecks, which are home to a variety of marine species.

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Yes, we do! Our Verde Island excursion is a day trip that includes two dives and lunch at the beach of Verde Island. We typically depart around 8:30 in the morning, with non-divers welcome to join and enjoy the beach. The two dives are usually at Drop-Off and South Slope, with the surface interval conducted on the boat. After the second dive, we gather at the cottages for lunch. The price for this version is currently 6500 PHP per diver and 1500 PHP per non-diver. We also offer a slightly cheaper variant that includes only the two dives without landing at the beach, priced at 5000 PHP per diver. Please note that the minimum number of divers for this trip is 4.

Generally, yes, but diving 'The Canyons' is very challenging and dangerous, so there are certain conditions and rules to follow. Typically, you must be an Advanced Open Water Diver to dive at this site. We require divers to have at least 40 logged dives, and it's preferable to be certified as a Drift Diver. Additionally, we only dive at 'The Canyons' when weather conditions permit, meaning no rain, strong winds, or fog. If you have any questions about this dive site and its dangers, please feel free to ask us.

The Canyons

The water conditions in Puerto Galera are generally good year-round, with visibility ranging from 10 to 30 meters. Water temperatures average around 27-30°C, making it comfortable for diving in a shorty wetsuit or even a rash guard. The visibility and currents can vary depending on the season, with generally better conditions from March to May and September to November.

While diving in Puerto Galera is generally safe, there are some safety considerations divers should be aware of. These include strong currents at some dive sites, especially during tidal changes, as well as the presence of marine life such as jellyfish and sea urchins. We always recommend diving with a buddy, following your dive guide's instructions, and practicing good buoyancy control to minimize risks.

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