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Planning your trip to Puerto Galera? Our transportation section has all the details on how to get here, including ferry options and transfer services.


Getting To Your Underwater Adventure

To reach Puerto Galera from Manila, you can take a bus from locations such as Buendia, PITX, or Alabang to Batangas Port. From there, you can choose between several ferry options to Balatero in Puerto Galera, such as RoRo (Roll-On, Roll-Off), which is the slowest but cheapest (around 2-2.5 hours), Fastcraft (around 2 hours), or Galerian (around 1 hour). Another option is to take a Water Taxi from Berberabe Pier (around 15 minutes from Batangas Port) straight to Sabang, which takes only about 30 minutes but is more expensive. We can assist with booking these ferry services. Additionally, we can arrange private transportation by car or van from Manila to Batangas or Berberabe Pier, or vice versa.

You have several ferry options for traveling to Puerto Galera from Batangas, including Montenegro Shipping Lines (RoRo and Fastcraft), Island Water (Fastcraft), Galerian Water Transport Services, as well as Water Taxi services like Hap & Go or Mi Corazon. The Water Taxi service starts at Berberabe Pier, which is around 15 minutes from Batangas Port. We can assist in booking these services for you.

The fastest option is a private car to Berberabe Pier, costing around 5000 PHP for the car and approximately 1000 PHP per person for the Water Taxi to Sabang. The cheapest option is to take a bus from Buendia, PITX, or Alabang to Batangas Port (around 270 PHP per person), then a RoRo ferry to Balatero (around 550 PHP per person), and finally a Tricycle or TokTok to Sabang (around 300 PHP).

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