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Dive responsibly with Scubacations Dive Resort! Follow our Code of Conduct to help protect and preserve the marine environment.

Code of Conduct

Ensuring Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Diving Practices

At Scubacations Dive Resort, we are passionate about diving and dedicated to preserving the marine environment. To ensure that every dive is conducted with the utmost respect for our oceans and their inhabitants, we have established a comprehensive Code of Conduct. These guidelines are designed to promote safe, responsible, and environmentally friendly diving practices, both underwater and on the surface. We ask all our guests to adhere to these principles to help us protect and sustain the beauty of our marine ecosystems.

General Conduct

Respect for Others

Treat all staff, fellow divers, and visitors with respect and courtesy.

Follow Instructions

Adhere to the guidance and instructions of our dive professionals at all times.

Safety First

Prioritize safety by following all safety protocols and immediately reporting any hazards or incidents to our staff.

Environmental Stewardship

No Touching Marine Life

Observe marine life from a respectful distance without touching them.

Take Only Pictures and Videos

Capture the beauty of the underwater world through photography, leaving everything as you found it.

No Littering

Dispose of all trash properly to protect our marine environment.

No Glove Wearing

Avoid wearing gloves to reduce the temptation of touching marine life and reefs.

No Fish Feeding

Do not feed fish as it disrupts their natural behavior and diet.

No Anchoring

Use mooring buoys instead of anchors to prevent reef damage.

No Spearfishing

Refrain from using spears or other fishing equipment while diving.

Maintain Buoyancy

Practice good buoyancy control to avoid contact with the reef and stirring up sediment.

Avoid Kicking Up Sediment

Use gentle fin kicks and be mindful of your position in the water column to avoid stirring up sediment.

Respect Marine Life

Maintain a safe distance from marine animals to avoid disturbing them.

Eco-friendly Sunscreen

Use reef-safe sunscreen to minimize chemical damage to marine life.

Pick Up Debris

Whenever you see debris underwater, safely pick it up and dispose of it properly when you return to the surface.

Marine Debris Removal

Participate in clean-up dives organized by the dive center to help remove marine debris.

Sustainable Practices

Reduce Plastic Use

Bring reusable water bottles and avoid single-use plastics. Utilize the recycling bins provided at the dive center.

Energy Conservation

Turn off lights, fans, and other electrical appliances when not in use.

Water Conservation

Be mindful of water usage. Take short showers and report any leaks to our staff.

Dive Conduct

Proper Dive Techniques

Practice proper buoyancy control and refrain from kicking up sand or sediment that can damage the marine environment.

Dive within Limits

Dive within your training, experience, and comfort limits. Never push beyond what you are safely capable of.

Equipment Care

Take good care of your dive equipment. Rinse it thoroughly after each dive and report any malfunctions or issues immediately.

Avoid Marine Life Disturbance

Do not chase, touch, or harass marine life. Observe them quietly and calmly.

Use Reef-Safe Products

Ensure all dive gear, such as wetsuits and masks, are made from eco-friendly materials.

How You Can Help

Dive with us and make a Difference

We invite you to join us in our mission to protect and preserve our beautiful marine environment. By following this Code of Conduct and adhering to the Green Fins Icons, you help us ensure a sustainable and enjoyable experience for everyone at Scubacations Dive Resort.

Book your next adventure today and become part of a community that values Eco-friendly and responsible diving. Together, we can safeguard our oceans for future generations. Thank you for being a responsible diver!

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